PUX® - technical components for limitless applications.

Ideal for caravans, the automotive sector or as a construction component for doors, PUX® is effective beyond the conventional limits of woodworking. This intelligent polyurethane solution is capable of withstanding water, moisture, heat or cold. PUX® products can be adapted to any needs.


We make wood even stronger – with PUX®. Therefore, we combine multiple materials in such a way that their properties complement one another perfectly. Decades of experience guarantee highest precision with minimal tolerance.


By working directly with us, you’ll receive all services from one source, from formula and production to logistics. We are the exclusive producer of PUX® components.

  • easy to work with, like wood

  • hard & mechanically highly resistant

  • waterproof

  • resistant to bending

  • features properties that hold screws firmly in place

  • perfectly suitable for bonding with adhesives

  • mould & rot resistant

  • chemical & corrosion resistant

  • temperature resistant

  • flame retardant possible

  • various densities possible

  • long-lasting

  • odourless

  • eco-friendly construction & recyclable

Possible applications

Versatile, durable, recyclable: This multifunctional rigid foam has impressive properties for almost every area of application. Whether you need a single technical component or want to use it in combination with wood, together we’ll develop the optimal solution for your individual applications. Thanks to state-of-the-art technologies, we can produce almost any shape.

  • Caravan

  • Doors

  • Building components

  • Automotive

  • Ship building

  • Railway

  • Caravan

  • Doors

  • Building components

  • Automotive

  • Ship building

  • Railway

Our Services


We are on the cutting edge! With experience, know-how and ingenuity, we are constantly working on the development of new ideas for the most varied applications of PUX®.


You can rely on us. In a personal conversation, we listen to your individual needs to find the optimal solution for you. Reliability and on-time delivery always have the highest priority.


Thanks to Industry 4.0 and fully automated processes, we can plan all workflows down to the last detail. State-of-the-art technologies enable highest precision and maximum flexibility. In doing so, we can deliver exactly the shape and quantity you need.


Thanks to our ingenious quality management, we can track, check and individually configure all ongoing work processes at any time. In the end, you will receive an individually tailored, high-quality product.

Technical components for limitless applications



PUX® even convinces with its ecological balance: elements made of rigid PU foam are not only durable, but also 100 percent recyclable. If you consider the entire life cycle of a PUX® insulation material, then more energy can be saved after a short time than was required for its production. 

PUX® is made of rigid polyurethane foam. Compared to other insulating materials, PUX® does not contain HBCD (Hexybromcyclododecan) and was classified as not hazardous according to IVPU (Industrieverband Polyurethan-Hartschaum e.V.).